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Magic Castle, Academy of Magical Arts | Los Angeles, CA

Lead by The Academy of Magical Arts® and The Magic Castle®’s Halloween Week event team leader, Jason Thompson, a group of 20 persons partook in a collaborative creative workshop to conceptualize an immersive experience theme for The Magic Castle®’s popular Halloween Week. In “Horrorscopes” The Magic Castle® has been overtaken by the Zodiac signs for their decennial competition.


I served as the producer for the Gemini themed areas (Palace bar,  Palace queue, and tarot room) and as a show writer for the overall attraction. 

Nightly Winner Announcement Script - Written by me           
Gemini Room Concept Packet - Produced by me          
Instagram Horoscope Captions
 - Written by me   

Pitch Deck - Individual contributions are listed at the bottom of each page

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